Monday, January 23, 2017

A Starting Point

Here's a link to my base story for my thesis, in which I plan on making an interactive experience for:

It gives a background to the characters and some of the experiences I am going to incorporate.

The end result will be similar to the 'Dragonology' books and others like it, in which you can open them up and pull out different "documents" and learn more about the story. However, mine will also incorporate an Augmented Reality element to it to enhance the experience of the story even further.

Also, I don't plan to limit it just to one book for the show. I intend to have other pieces in the show adding to the story that also feature an AR experience.

In class it was mentioned that I should make the contents of this book pertain to a job I would like in the future/showcase what kind of designer I would like to be. I would honestly love to be a graphic designer for films and/or television shows; this requires an ability to reproduce/make convincing documents and other items (such as signs or packaging) that would be used in film or television. I will showcase this through this project.

My main character in my story loves to draw portraits of the people she sees, however, she sees people much differently from the way we do. Below is a sketch of hers, which may look very strange to any of us. Quite possibly we would say it is an inaccurate portrait of the person, seeing as no one /really/ looks like that.

Download the Aurasma App from the App Story or Google Play. Then follow: Alexandra.Bonin

Finally, view the sketch with the app to reveal what the person would look like to us.

Or, if you cannot download the app, you don't want to download the app, or it won't work for some inexplicable reason, you can view a video below showing what happens when using the app. And then below that you'll find a video showing what happens a bit more clearly.

*Note, attempting to share through YouTube, since Blogger kills the quality of the videos.

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