Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Reference Masterpost

Whenever I get new reference material I will edit this post and add it onto here, that way it will all be in one place and not in a ton of posts.

First up, I got my mom to send me pictures of my drawings from 3rd grade in school from her binders, as well as report cards, since I want to create drawings that my character would have drawn in the 3rd grade to get her into trouble.

Upon looking at them, I realized in 3rd grade a lot of my drawings were still very "fantasy" themed in a way, so perhaps my character would have gotten through 3rd grade just as fine. So I had my mom send me drawings and such from 4th, 5th, and 6th grade as well.

I think I may change it to be 4th or 5th grade in my story. It would fit much better I feel into the fact that around that age people tend to tell kids to start "growing up" and to get their heads out of the clouds.

3rd Grade (Clearly I was obsessed with fairies)


4th Grade (Drawing things more that are "real")


Grade 5 (Drawing a lot less actually)


This post will continue to grow with references, as stated above!

A book with a similar concept:
Cathy's Book: If found call (650) 266-8233

I got this book when I was fairly young, much too young to fully understand it all I think. But am going to reread it.

But I am adding it to my reference masterpost not for its plot, but for its formatting. 

This book, like mine, has elements that you can pull out and look at that enhance the story. In addition to this, it also had phone numbers and links to things you could go to online and get other information as well that related to the story. 

So, while it isn't using AR, it is creating a similar "enhanced storytelling" experience for the reader/user. Thus I think it's worth noting as a reference. 

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