Monday, February 27, 2017

Show Invitations

Here is a mock up of what we were thinking for the invitation. The title will be set in wood type and the rest of the content will either be set or we will use a polymer plate (depending on the quality). We still need to add a time for the show which will go along the side with the date.

We can discuss further color options and paper color so that can be ordered ASAP.

The design was inspired by a blue print, and we wanted it to be portrayed in a modern and simplistic way. We will also explore other solutions when we continue to work in the letterpress room this week...

Chase made a good suggestion of having something on the bottom half of the page, facing the same way as our names so it ties in with how the card will read. This will help with legibility and will move the viewers eye faster to the top of the page.

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