Thursday, March 9, 2017

Layout Possibilities and More Sketches and AR

Here are a couple of the possibilities of layouts for my section in the show.

Both are in a 10ft width space. The square pieces (my AR sketches) are 18in x 18in. Both have a poster of some sort (the second one's is smaller) explaining the steps needed to view my project if they wish to view it from their own phones. Bottom one has a shelf for handouts I'm going to make further explaining the story behind the imagery.

And here's two new sketches:

I'm thinking I want to go back into the first one of the new sketches and change up the colors a bit so it works better. Also, been formatting things in squares as per suggestion. I think it solves the issue of 'horizontal vs. vertical'.

And below are two sketches that have new AR content added to them. This time you need to follow a different account on Aurasma for them to work. 

The account is: schema2017

I figured it would be easier for people to type in at the show since it's not as long as my name. 

And as before, here's the youtube links to the overlay videos in case you cannot use Aurasma to view these for class. On the Aurasma app you will not see the black on the sides of the video, youtube just changes the format automatically to their format.


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