Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Book (in the works)

Been working on the book counterpart to my project (not the process book, but the interactive book I had originally intended to make based on the story)

Started laying it out based on the thumbnails I had created earlier in the term, which can be found here: http://designseminarspring2017.blogspot.com/2017/01/to-do.html

Also working on writing dialogue to go with each AR photo, which will be an audio that plays when you hover over each image. I think I'll also have an option where you can tap the image and read the story as well, that way if you cannot hear the audio, you will still be able to enjoy the story.

The left page will have the formalities of a book, credits, dates, etc.
The right page will have instructions on how to view this experience.
Both pages will feature little doodles in the style I've been working in. 

The left page will have sketches (which will AR overlay photos and audio)
of the main character's parents and grandmother.
Audio will say: 
Parents sketch: “Here’s good old mom and dad! Pretty ordinary looking, am I right? No? Oh that’s right, I forgot. Apparently I see people much differently than everyone else. *pause, shrug noise* I suppose I should supply you with a photo of how they quote, unquote /actually look/. *mumbles* Since I’m /crazy/ and am just /making up silly stories again/.”

Grandmother sketch: “And this here’s grandma! Hm… What’s that? You want to see a photograph of her too? *pauses* You know what, that’s not a bad idea. I think I’ll show you all of the photographs of the people I sketch in here. So you have something to reference. I swear to you, I’m not lying when I say they actually look like my sketches to me though. I swear on my grandmother. Y’see, she wouldn’t have minded that; she actually believed me. She was a real nice lady, I miss her.”

Right page will be similar, except features a family photo, or maybe a photo of their house.

Left page has sketches (that were feature in my show) and will have audio.
2 Kids: “Met these two children at a restaurant near home. My parents decided that it was a good night to go out for dinner and I, reluctantly, tagged along. It was worth it in the end though! I got some good food and was able to get some sketching in! Best part is, they actually seemed to like my portraits of them! Which really surprised me… since most people usually hate my sketches. They always say that they’re way too ‘freaky’.”

Portrait: “Oh!! I saw this person the other day and just knew I had to draw them! I absolutely loved their colors!!! I was so so SO excited that they let me stop them for a photo for reference to sketch them later! Since they seemed to be in a bit of a hurry… I feel kind of bad for making them stop for a second… but! They were a really cool person! If I ever see them again, I’ll be sure to thank them! *mumbles*Hopefully won’t have to interrupt them again… *end mumbles* I think this is one of the best portraits I’ve done!”

This week I will be editing my writings, as well as continuing to lay out the basis of the book. Hoping to get some more photographs this weekend to use for AR Overlays, which I can then translate into the 'sketch' style for the trigger images. 

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