Thursday, February 16, 2017

Shell + Charcoal

Letterform ideas to expand upon: 

First time using black

Attempting to record video

Here are some of the frames, still working out the code to record in the program and export a movie.

I Need Sleep

0. Last class I was advised to move the utensils around so I did and also played with color a little bit more, so they could have so cohesiveness.
1. A modern font to play with a elegant style font , both are easy to read and would please the eye either on and article or video.
2. This one I just tried experimenting with both clean font yet they do have some boldness to their  form which does capture the eyes.
3. Below is the experimentation of the animation video/storyboard intro that I display on the blog in video form (not completed ) .
4.Below is the cooking video edited and clipped ( this music will not be with video/ need to color correct some parts of the video.)

More AR Drawings

Kind of like the sketch I had posted towards the beginning of the semester, these sketches are also augmented to reveal photos of the actual people. So that way you'd be able to see the main character's "sketch" of how she sees people, and then see them how we would see them.

 I would like to include experiences like this in the book, but I think these ones I will have hanging on the wall during the show, so that way people can interact with different objects besides a book.

Feel free to test them out using the app called: Aurasma

You must be following my account for it to work. My account is: Alexandra.Bonin

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Some things I'm working on now:

Experimenting to see what the patterns would look like inside an actual typeface

Monday, February 13, 2017

Patterns using illustrations

Update to old paper I typed on awhile ago

It was suggested in class that I go over this page more and abstract the original letter that was on the old paper. I went over the areas where the text was a few times so you almost can't see it anymore. Even though I went over the title several times you can still see it.

Here are some closeups of some of the patterns made.

Animation storyboard / Newspaper / Cards