Li Yun Chen

January 19, 2017

Tea package design

What is the nature of your thesis (topic)?
I want to do the tea package design for Lotus tea (probably 3 more kinds of tea, not decided yet). I am going to design some Chinese lotus painting for the tea package. And the whole design is also going to be the Chinese painting style, it will present on a cylindrical tea box.

Why are you pursuing this topic?
I very like the beauty of the Chinese painting and I want to try it on the package design. And many poets wrote a lot poem for lotus, and lotus has a many great meaning in Chinese culture, people like to quote the meaning of the lotus flower in life too.

What type of research methods will you use?
Not a lot people know about lotus tea, especially teenagers, I would like to figure out more knowledge about lotus, and also the Chinese painting.

May 2016

Tea (provisional)

Combining the western culture and the Asian culture to design the creative tea packaging.

For the senior project, I want to do the packaging design for a few kinds of tea. The tea is very famous in the world, and some people will drink it daily. I want to design the packaging that is (and looks) elegant, modern and convenient.

I want to do the packaging design for Chinese tea that sell in the West, and Western tea that sells in China. I want to do something that combines the Western culture and the Asian culture for the packaging and it will be a creative tea packaging design. Maybe I will create a brand for the tea. I want to design the packaging for different materials. Like design for the glass bottle, wood container or plastic container.

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