Britney Payton

January 18, 2017

The Inside

The Inside is a senior projects, which I chose to focus on food and identity, specifically ethnic identity, as the overarching theme to summarize my engagement in food and culture. In generations prior, cooking has been taught from parent to child through tradition and hands-on experience. Depending upon the culture we were raised in, our ethnic background can influence the foods we eat and also shape our identity. It is because food, not only is the physical constitution of our body, but also forms our ideal on perspectives. As we are cautious about what we and others are eating, food becomes part of our identity.

It is in which our identity, identifies as a connections or boundaries we have in regard to other people. Food functions as an indicator for us to passively accept our identity, as well as actively express our connections and differences with others. When it comes to individual recognition of identity, the definition is rather vast and broad. Furthermore, one’s individual’s view of ethnic identity does not necessarily match certain group definition or stereotypical viewpoint. Here identity is a relative term, and individuals, while having a general idea of the ethnic group s/he belongs to, often seeks for a more complex position by comparing with people different or similar group.

The interests within this topic started with a personal hobby in cooking and the curiosity of one’s ethnic group. For me cooking is a form of art, it allows me to show my affection to others almost sharing a part of myself. It also pinpoints the topic within the observation of younger adult of this era, haven’t a lack of interest with cooking. In today’s society, it seems that the younger generation depend on fast food restaurant’s instead of cooking in the comfort of their home. In order to fully comprehend my thesis I would attempt to solve, or rather performed countless hours of research, as well as have interviews, dinner parties, etc. I feel that my decline within my thesis may be limited available time and fear of failure. The overall goal in my project is to aim to address the issues at hand, using what I’ve learned.

October 5, 2016

Writing Error.

drunk dictation focuses on languages as well as the speech of each victim who are under the influence in chart/diagram format

Dictation will focus primarily on the lack of control in speech. The project would focus on the use of typography and communication as well as a furthering of my approach in abstracting languages. Within these fragmented conversations, I will reveal how languages will be perceived and changed under the influence, as well as their abstracted speech patterns. Such conversation will feature the subconscious within humanity and nature; to create a narrative on gender, sexuality, morals, spirituality, life , death , adventure, romance, conflict, an intoxication of some kind (not just alcohol) and so forth. These half-wrought stories will later form and embody the fuzziness, the fragmented flow of thought of an actual human experience.

May 5, 2016

Design like writing is a form of communication. With that being said writing can bring a positive notation toward design.

This project is an investigation of language and how writing can be represented as an act of design. It will focus on the use of typography and communication as well as furthering my concepts and language. The deliverables include the development of sentences illustrating the most common errors in student writing especially mine, but in a cohesive visual language for an exhibition. I want to present a poster with strong tone of voice, a hand-bound catalogue for the exhibition, contextualization of how the visual language applied to various handouts in the correct format. The handout will sit within the gallery space, for the audience to translate the correct sentence as well as the description of the errors perceived on display.

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