Thursday, April 13, 2017

unsure 2

developing letters that have been made further and getting them photographed

process book

I'm not sure at all what I want my process book to look like. I was thinking of having thumbnails of all the pieces and certain pieces would be full page.

Process Book Beginnings

Augmented Storytelling Photos

Here's some photos from the senior show!

Photo Mel Powsner '17

Photo Mel Powsner '17

Photo Mel Powsner '17

Also, funny enough, the AR still works on some of these photos of the images.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Book Work

Updated pages; took the square boarders out to have it less distracting from the image. Also allows for the images to be a bit bigger.

Also, I have changed the overlay images on them to just be the photograph and no video          animation. The video animation really only works with squares, and on some devices looked rather pixelated.

To view them you need to have Aurasma downloaded and follow the account: illysdiary

Sorry for all of the changing accounts, but I think it helps keep the work organized to have different accounts for different purposes (meaning; one for the senior show, one for this book, etc)

Also, here's a zoomed out preview of the pages to view the color palette. Tried to keep the spreads the same, also some sort of transition from one color to another.

tea package

Thesis Show Photos

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Posting this so John doesn't kill me for not posting anything. Nothing serious. Not really sure I'm going to take this route. Kinda having a design block at the moment, and I know that's not a real excuse but any who, I was just playing around with layout and feel.