Thursday, April 6, 2017

Some (not high quality) Photos From The Show and What Else I'm Doing

To Do For The Rest of The Semester: 
  • process book for SEMINAR
    • currently organizing material for the book
  • catalog for SENIOR SHOW/SEMINAR
    • an extension of the medical packaging 
    • currently finishing the index and also setting things into mock photos
    • also signing up for the photo studio to take my own pictures, just in case
    • but I think perhaps keeping the packaging in mock photo set ups will help reiterate the "corporate" feel and purpose of the catalog 
  • some more packaging for OPEN HOUSE
    • I'd really like to show some more of skill this in my portfolio  
    • an extension of the cynicism found within my medical packaging? 
    • thinking about creating contemporary packages for tonics and pseudo cures from the early 1900's since our dear leader is sending us back in time 
      • these would, however, be similar in aesthetic appeal to the medical packages while actually contain the legitimate side affects and whatnot like the first iteration 

Exhibition Photos

New pattern

Started making more patterns. Here is the most finished one already tiled how it would be if I ordered it on anything.

Here is what I started from and a couple versions in between as well as the final one that I tiled.

Also here is the one that I started from tiled.