Alexandra Bonin

January 18, 2017

Augmented Storytelling (working title)

Augmented Storytelling is a thesis exploring how augmented reality can be used in conjunction with printed media to create an enhanced experience. I am very interested in using AR as a means of telling a story and adding extra elements to a story that it otherwise wouldn’t be able to have.

My plan is to further experiment with the capabilities of Augmented Reality that I already know, and am in the process of learning, as well as researching further to what extent it can be used to create an interesting and memorable experience. This semester I will be taking the Location, Notation, Relation Studio XL course, so I will actively be learning a few different programs for and methods of using Augmented Reality. I will also be doing research of my own on the side.

August 28, 2016

title (missing)

to make movie posters more interesting and actually relevant again #reinventthemovieposter

At the end of last semester’s review panel, I proposed that I would be creating my thesis around movies. I had described a few possible ways I could do this by explaining my interests in movies (the design work in movies, as well as movie posters, and also a personal connection to movies). However, I had too broad of a subject and not much of an actual proposal.

I have taken the summer to work on figuring out what it is that I want to do with movies. You all had some great suggestions for me, such as filming some movies, looking at movie title designs, and starting a blog. I filmed a few videos on my trip to Japan; I’ve been trying to look at movie titles and credits; and I started a blog.

There you will see a variety of posts from me. You will notice that on my blog I gravitate towards movie posters more than any of the other areas. So I believe that is the direction I want to be going in. p>But particularly I want to focus my first term of seminar (since I plan to take two terms) on studying the sort of psychology behind movie posters. I’ve noticed patterns and “formulas” that most posters follow in order to be “successful” (at least to the general public). This term I want to focus on breaking down these formulas, and deconstructing them; making my own formulas for interesting and creative movie posters. And in general just experimenting with movie posters.

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