Friday, January 27, 2017

Website Design & Layout

Below is a mock-up of a design layout that shows my experimentation of trying to display the important components of an effective website. My goal is to create a clean yet enchanting and easy to use website that allows me to step away from just recording but to also focus on my clients stories and recipes in a more expressive, narrative and enjoyable format for the web to be shared.

                       WEBSITE                                                                                         MOBILE

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

old document experimentation

Here is the first experiment I did using one of the old documents I ordered online. I decided to just completely type over the whole document and leave the original text in the background. I really like how the original typewritten text is almost like a ghost in the background. This semester I definitely want to experiment more with different color typewriter ribbons.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Old Documents and recent work

So before I go ahead and use these old documents to type over I figured I would post them here for those who are interested.

Here is something I recently typed up. Notice the darker lines throughout the page. I used four different letters and changed the pattern of the letters as I went along. This one looks a lot like a weaving pattern.

Re-Edit Experimentation with Premiere

Thanks to the advice during class, I have updated my video by positioning the title more to left, scaling the size, and also keeping the subtitle as is ( instead of changing it). I also made the transition of the last picture of the cake in a more smooth format. The credits are a little bit more slower and contains a simpler format/info.

Unfortunately, I couldn't scale the ratio of the video due to my earlier mistake of filming the video vertical. Next time when I am filming , I'll make sure to film horizontal and have a tripod to stabilize the camera/recording.


process of the drawing

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Starting Point

Here's a link to my base story for my thesis, in which I plan on making an interactive experience for:

It gives a background to the characters and some of the experiences I am going to incorporate.

The end result will be similar to the 'Dragonology' books and others like it, in which you can open them up and pull out different "documents" and learn more about the story. However, mine will also incorporate an Augmented Reality element to it to enhance the experience of the story even further.

Also, I don't plan to limit it just to one book for the show. I intend to have other pieces in the show adding to the story that also feature an AR experience.

In class it was mentioned that I should make the contents of this book pertain to a job I would like in the future/showcase what kind of designer I would like to be. I would honestly love to be a graphic designer for films and/or television shows; this requires an ability to reproduce/make convincing documents and other items (such as signs or packaging) that would be used in film or television. I will showcase this through this project.

My main character in my story loves to draw portraits of the people she sees, however, she sees people much differently from the way we do. Below is a sketch of hers, which may look very strange to any of us. Quite possibly we would say it is an inaccurate portrait of the person, seeing as no one /really/ looks like that.

Download the Aurasma App from the App Story or Google Play. Then follow: Alexandra.Bonin

Finally, view the sketch with the app to reveal what the person would look like to us.

Or, if you cannot download the app, you don't want to download the app, or it won't work for some inexplicable reason, you can view a video below showing what happens when using the app. And then below that you'll find a video showing what happens a bit more clearly.

*Note, attempting to share through YouTube, since Blogger kills the quality of the videos.

Experimentation with Premiere

Jan 22, 2017 - I conducted a interview at Cassis Bakery for 6 hour and 22 min, of a Tuxedo Cake by Uldison. The struggle I faced during this interview was not having a tripod to hold the camera in position. This made editing, later on more time consuming due to shakiness within the film.

Jan 23, 2017 - I completed 19 hours and 4 min worth of editing of a single picture and a full video.

Within the film I wanted to capture the movement of Uldison skillfulness with his tools and hand movement as he decorated the cake. The struggle I faced while editing the video was trying to used all of my clips while still have a short video. I realized not all of my clips were needed to bring this short film together. I also used some color correction with in Premiere to give it a light blue tint to give it that dreamy feeling and simple text to fit the image.