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Currently working on writing ‘scripts’ for the audio portions of this! As well as writing out what each document is going to say. This, however, is a slightly more detailed version of my storyboard (with a few more/slightly clearer details). Also at the bottom you will find a small section about the characters that appear in this story. Still fleshing it out, but mainly there as a point of reference for everyone in case I haven’t explained it much before!

All of this is subject to change.

Front Cover:
(Outside of “diary”, possibly weathered, possibly fun stickers on front)

Inside Cover (L):
(Pretty paper?)

Title Page (R):
(handwritten)This diary belongs to
(handwritten) Illy
(handwritten) Mom said I’m not allowed to give out my address to strangers.

2 (L):
(full page of doodles and colorful patterns)

3 (R):
(colorful patterns and doodles continue from other side)

4 (L):
Drawing of parents (AR: Overlay photo of parents, audio about parents)
Drawing grandmother (AR: Overlay photo of grandmother, audio about grandmother)
Doodles throughout page
Captions on each labeling who they are and maybe a fact about each person?

5 (R):
Big family sketch (AR: Overlay photo of big family, audio about them?)

6 (L):
3 Candid photos from her life, possibly like the previous pages where they are sketches with AR overlays of photos, but could also just be photos and some doodles.
-These photos will show age progression of Illy possibly

7 (R):
1 Candid photo
School photo of “current” Illy

8 (L):
Photo of Birthday cake (AR: Overlay video of candles being blown out/Happy Birthday being sung)

9 (R):
Swatch from present wrapping paper
Piece of ribbon from present
Photo of gift, unopened (AR: Overlay video of it being opened?)

10 (L):
Sketch of present: Tape Recorder

11 (R):
Photo of Recorder (AR: Overlay audio of Recording 1)

12 (L):
Fold out of drawing of first drawing. (Very rough and sketchy “blobs”. Quite colorful though. Strange face?)

13 (R): 
Two drawings, one from maybe 1st grade and the other from 3rd? (Drawings are still rough and sketchy, become a bit more obvious that she is drawing people, but they still look strange and are oddly colorful)

14 (L):
Drawing that got Illy “in trouble” in 5th grade. (AR: Overlay audio of Recording 2) (Drawing definitely a bit more “mature” than previous, but still feature people with strange features, colors, and patterns)

15 (R):

Note from Teacher (Addressing parents, concerned about Illy’s behavior: “Not many students this age still act like this” etc.)

Illy’s 5th Grade Report Card (Mentions that she needs to “grow up” or needs to be less “childish” or something. Also needs help focusing in her studies, spends too much time doodling)

16 (L):
Various detention slips from grades 5-7. (Varying reasons for detentions, mainly starting with not paying attention, doodling in class, missing homework)

17 (R):
Detention slips continue, this time from grades 8-10 (Varying reasons again, though now working from doodling in class and missing homework to getting into arguments with the teachers and fighting students.)

18 (L):
Detention slips
Therapy receipts

19 (R):
Therapy Receipt
Therapy Business Card (AR: Overlay audio about therapy place and how her parents thought it best for her to go to therapy, since she kept getting into fights and showing “unusual” behavior.)
20 (L):
Notes from the therapy place about Illy. (Possibly crumpled looking, as if she picked them up out of the trash or something after a session. Or who knows.)

21 (R):
Analysis, Diagnosis
Other documents

22 (L):
Sketches of Subway (AR: Overlay audio about subway on one of these pages)
Subway tickets? Something?

23 (R):
Same as left page? Or similar content. (AR: Overlay audio about meeting Nina for the first time, from story)
24 (L):
Photo of Illy’s Arm with Nina’s phone number on it

25 (R):
Photo of Nina (AR: Overlay audio describing Nina)
Note from Nina? Some other thing from Nina.

26 (L):
I don’t know yet. Probably some sketches

27 (R):
Photo of cafe (AR: Overlay video going into cafe? Or at least audio describing it/from inside of it)

28 (L):
Cafe receipt
Picture of food (AR: Overlay video of food, possibly?)

29 (R):
Sketch of worker (AR: Overlay photo of worker possibly, definitely an audio describing the scene from the short story of Illy sketching the worker for Nina)
Some other photo?
30 (L):
Nina draws Illy?
Something elsE?

31 (R):
Photo of Illy and Nina together (AR: Overlay video or audio?)

32 (L):
Some sort of “The End!” thing. Without actually saying “The End!” Could be a “To Be Continued” sort of vibe, but still unsure.

Character List/Bios:
Investigator (I don’t know what else to call them)
-Unknown person
-Found a box of all this stuff at a yard sale
-Decided to compile it into a book, because they found it interesting
-Uses AR to present information (recordings) from Illy’s actual Diary (the tape recorder)

-Main character
-This is her “diary”, except not actually hers, hers is the tape recorder
-Is about 17 years old
-Loves to draw, especially portraits
-Sees people as made up of crazy colors and patterns, with additional appendages and shapes and the like. Something everyone else considers strange, but to her this is “normal” as she has seen people this way her whole life. She only knows it’s “strange” because she starts getting into trouble for drawing people as she sees them.
-She sees herself how others see everyone; “normal” (which I suppose to her is strange, since she has only seen herself this way and no one else in the world)

Illy’s Parents:
-Parents concerned with Illy’s well being, especially after getting notes from her teachers, seeing her drawings, and finding out she’s been in fights.
-Take Illy to therapy to try and help her.
-They don’t really know what to do about her.
-Father gives her the tape recorder as a means of venting. Thinks it may help her.

-Is a therapist.
-I don’t know what else to say about them.

-Super cool.
-Meets Illy on subway one day.
-They look like Nina! No crazy patterns, colors, or shapes! They look “normal”!
-Later meets up with Illy and reveals that they can see things like Illy does!

HOORAY! Illy is not alone anymore! She met someone else who can see the world similar to her!

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