Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Poems from Interviews

Here are some poems I made from lines/information in my interviews with my Grandpa. I just thought maybe they'd be interesting to look at for you guys.

Watch Hill

We would play
In front of the castle
On the sand
Where the nuns went
For holiday

When my mother cut their hair
And sent us with a cake
The nuns would let us play
Away from them,

Of course –

With the beach all to ourselves
My mother’s daughter

My mother
Pregnant by her husband
Who pushed her down the stairs
Pregnant with my mother’s daughter

My sister

The spelling word in fourth grade
“Like Bob’s sister”
And that’s how I found out

“I don’t want to change her name for her”
or step-sister
None of that foolishness

She just was
my sister
And that’s the way it was
That House

Well I’ll tell you how big a deal it was
My father’s family did not accept my mother

Going up to see my grandparents
While my mother cooked

My mother was not allowed
In that house

The only time my mother
Was allowed in that house

Was on Christmas Eve

So yes.

It was very much a big thing
Touristy Things

Bitsy would say
you can’t
do any of the touristy things”

I remember
One time
I was in France
I called her
And we were talking

“Bitsy I’ve got a confession”

“You went to see the sights”

“No, but
I’m looking out my window
and I can see the Eiffel Tower”

as long as you don’t go there
it’s okay”

She’d take a ton of pictures
And then she’d put them into albums
And write about every picture

What it was
The background

“Bitsy what are you doing this for?
Do you think
for one minute
anyone’s ever gonna care
about these books?”

“They may or may not.
I do it because I relive it.”

She was an incredible reader
She just loved adventure
And new things
And learning


That was her.

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  1. Thoughtful translations. Edit, rethink some of the phrasing to arrive at the same meaning - experiment.